Sunday, 1 April 2012

Everything has to end

Day four of Butlins. Today we were going home.
We were due to get kicked out of the apartment at 10am, so everyone was up early to pack up and go home. I say everyone, but being the super organised girl I am, I had finished packing the day before so just sat and watched tv whilst everyone else packed. We said farewell to Butlins, loaded up the cars and headed home, after a short stop at Skegness of course.

So the big question is for me is simple. Did I enjoy the weekend? I'm definitely going to say yes. There were lots of laughs with some great people and not a single hangover. It was hard to go wrong really.

There is one more thing I should probably mention, as I'm sure you'll all want to know. Yes, Amanda went home with her soup.

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