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Mr Arthur Rabbit
Posted 12/08/2013

I've been away from photography for quite a while, so decided to come back with the photography subject that I have always loved; Animals! It also helps that I have a willing model these days. I would like to introduce you to Arthur the Bunny!


The Wild (and not so wild) Life
Posted 12/02/2012

This weekend, having three free tickets to Yorkshire Wildlife park, Mike and I headed off to Doncaster. Seeing as the tickets were waiting for us at my Mums, we went for a visit, only to be greeted by this:

Yep. One loving kitten and one cute (but slightly jealous) dog. Not quite the animals we had come to see, but still entertaining. 

Anyway, we got our tickets and off we went. Actually, we got our tickets, discovered it was raining, waited till Sunday, then off we went. But that was the long version.

After giving our spare free ticket to a stranger, We headed off to see the Lemurs, via the Raccoon dogs of course.

After this, we went off to South 

America Enclosure where we saw the worlds biggest rodent, the Capybara.

The Ostrich and the Maras were also hanging around. And the Marmosets.

Last but not least, Welcome to Tiger Country. With Zebras, of course. 

Oh, by the way, here's a cactus wearing a hat.


The Wooden Man and the Duck
Posted 06/04/2011

I've been set a project of taking strange and unusual photos of a 30cm wooden man, so yesterday Craig and I decided to take him to the Peak District and show him around. We have named him Buster and he was certainly entertaining. Oh, and he also met a duck!

Carrying a beer mat

Relaxing in a glass

 Because.... why not?


Playing on the swing.

A tourist in the Peaks

'I'm a little teapot......'

...and LIFT!

 Relaxing in the bath with a rubber duck

Out to dry...

 ...with a duck

 Happily gardening...

...Until they saw the camera!

Bike Ride


The cheapest, laziest, Superman you'll ever see.

So what do you think? There will be more adventures of Buster in the near future too.


Buster and Bernadette in Newcastle
Posted 06/04/2011

The first date of the wooden folk, so where better to take them than to Newcastle!


                Buster on the train                                       Bernadettes coffee stop 

           Buster sightseeing                                     Burying Bernadette in the sand

And the day ends with a visit to the Life Museum

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