Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's just a word

So many people seem to have the idea that the smaller the animal is, the more insignificant it is. It's just a rabbit. It's just a gerbil. It's just a hamster.
Just. Not a nice word is it? Who exactly is it that decides which creatures are important and which aren't.
In our house we have both hamsters and gerbils and in the same way that you would with a dog or a cat, we feed them, care for them, clean them, and try to give them as much of a happy life as we possibly can.
These little creatures are part of our family and no matter how tiny they may be, they are not 'just' anything.
Rest in peace Tim. More that just a hamster.


  1. Doesn't matter whether its a hamster or an elephant, all creatures are special and have their own character and personality. They all love their owners unconditionally, even when those owners don't deserve that love. Tim was special and unique ....He may not have had a long life, but it was a happy life, and that's down to your love and care. ...Sandra M xx
    Sod the people that don't understand - they're 'Just' idiots!!

  2. Aww thats really sweet. Thank you :)