Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Stop and Look

Maybe it's because Halloween is only a month away, but there seems to have been quite a lot of talk about the supernatural recently and I do find this a little disturbing.
Now you may be aware that some of my favourite tv shows and films are based in the supernatural and science fiction world. Doctor Who, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Eureka, Buffy, and these are great entertainment but at no point do I ever believe that any of it could happen.
I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in gods or psychics. Astrology, conspiracy theories, or that leggings can ever be worn as trousers. They can't and shouldn't. I do not want to see the exact outline or your bum and I certainly don't want to see the colour of your pants after you failed to realise that leggings stretch and become.particularly see through. Trousers wouldn't do this. Ever.
Anyway, I think I got a little side tracked there.
I do understand why some people believe in these things (except the leggings as trousers thing). I think it's mostly hope, and hope is a wonderful thing. Believing that a loved one isn't actually gone or is in some form of paradise is an easier and much nicer thought than accepting that they will never come back, and nobody has the right to take that hope away.
Many people also think that there life is pre-determined by the stars or by fate, and again this can make things feel simpler for them. Why search for that special person when fate will just magically bring you together one day?
So many people often want to believe these things because they wish that there is more to life than we can see, and this is the part that I fail to understand.
There are so many amazing and fascinating things in the actual world that I can't see the reasoning behind putting your faith in something that may or may not be real.
The natural world around us is incredible all on its own. Why not stop and look around at the world we're in? Beautiful, right?

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