Thursday, 5 April 2012

Look What I Made!

It's official. Thanks to I have caught the creating bug. Now don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing at all. In fact it is a great way to keep myself occupied whilst I'm not working, plus we get some new decorations around the house.

The first thing I made from the Pinterest website was the monster bookmark. They are simple to make and look fantastic. Here are my first attempts at them.

Lost socks
The handy way to make your sock pairing so much easier, assuming your sign can handle the weight that is.

Felt coasters. Easy, cheap, pretty, and practical. What more could you need?

Ribbon boxes
It's amazing what you can do with tic tac boxes. This is one of the projects I'm quite proud of as I thought most of it up myself, and it was easy. All you need is four tic tac boxes, some paper, and some glue. Simple.

The Wax Crayon Picture.
Anyone who has ever been on Pinterest has wanted to do this picture so I decided to have a go. Armed with a canvas, some wax crayons, and a hair dryer covered the floor with paper and started melting the colours. I'm pleased with the results.

I took an old battered wooden mirror, painted it and stuck pretty things on it. Easy.

Wall Canvas.
This is the most straight forward project of them all. Stick pretty paper on nine canvasses and put them on your wall. Done.

Flower Picture
I cut flower shapes out of paper and stuck them on some paper. Surprisingly it made a good picture.

So, what shall I do next?

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