Monday, 21 April 2014

Meg the Wonder Dog.

Today we had to say farewell to Meg, a beautiful dog, who had been a member of our family for a very long time.

The first time my Dad and I saw Meg was at the kennels we got her from. A really loud, feisty little dog was barking it's head off to get our attention, and in the same kennel was this scruffy, cute, and quiet looking dog who just silently jumped up at the bars and wagged her tail. We we're definitely taking her home.

Meg always lived by a number of rules and facts.

*If the tennis ball is moving, chase it.

*If the tennis ball isn't moving, chase it just in case it does move.

*Dad is the best human ever.

*Mike is the best human ever.

*Strange man is the best human ever.

*Person with the tennis ball is the best human ever.

*If there is a puddle, I should lay in it.

*If there is a muddy puddle, I should definitely lay in it.

*Always avoid the cat.

*A hand that is dangling off the sofa needs me under it.

*Sitting with Mum and looking at Dad will make Dad jealous.

*Hanging out of a car window is the best thing ever.

*'I'm just putting my coat on' means walk time.

*Walk time means running around the entire house like an idiot until the front door finally opens.

*I love the beach

*Bacon sandwiches always come after the beach.

*I must always tolerate the humans, no matter what they make me do.

*Soft toys are my babies.

*I am beautiful.

*I will be missed

Everyone that met Meg, loved Meg. She was the silliest, friendliest, most loving dog anyone could ever have owned, and we thank her for all those fantastic years.

Goodbye Meg. Rest in Peace.

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  1. Love the picture of Meg and the cat.