Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Goodbye Miss Molly

Being a pet owner and an animal lover is a wonderful thing. Each animal has their own personality, bad habits, and silly routines. They make things more interesting in the house and although they can be hard work, they are always worth it.
Sadly, every pet owner will eventually have that sad day where they have to sad goodbye to one of their animals. Unfortunately, today is one of those days.

Molly, our playful black gerbil, left us this week.

Originally named Lenny (I thought she was a boy), Molly came to our house with her sister Sam and made a mess the second she arrived. She was the adventurer of the pair, always being the first to discover places around the house, breaking out of her cage, and generally running around without fear. One night, at around 3am, we even caught her running around our bedroom floor. Turns out that she had chewed her way out of her cage!

She loved to climb, dig, run and play and was exceedingly friendly with us and loving towards Sam.

I had never thought about owning a gerbil before I saw Molly, but that impulse decision is still the best decision that we made.

We will miss you! Goodbye Miss Molly.

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