Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What happens in Butlins..

... will be blogged.

Let's face it, no holiday stays a secret in the digital age so I shall definitely do the duty of recording the whole event on a public forum. It's just what I do.

This all started two months ago with a simple text that included details, excitement, and a hell of a lot of smiley faces. An adults only 70s weekend in a Lincolnshire holiday resort, how could anyone say no to that?

The count down started at 52 sleeps and I'm pretty sure Mona was excited about it before we even knew we were going. As for me, I still don't whether to be happy or get ready to run away.

So, in approximately 48hours from now there will be six slightly tipsy females settling into the Skegness resort, drunkenly planning for the weekend ahead.
This is going to be fantastic... or a disaster. Let's see shall we??

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