Sunday, 16 September 2018

Focus on the Right Opinion

I remember the day that this photo was taken.

It was February 2018. I was on maternity leave from work and was struggling to get out of the house most days. Mike suggested that we take Ethan for a walk around the snow-covered park followed by a hot drink and lunch in the café. It was a cold but beautiful day.

On this day I was anxious. I was worried about slipping in the snow. I was worried about whether Ethan had enough layers on. I was worried about whether I had packed enough baby milk. I was worried about the fact that, at some point, I might make a complete fool out of myself in front of strangers.
I was worried that I wouldn’t like the soup on offer in the café. I was worried that the small group of mothers across the room were judging every my every action and choice. I was worried that they thought I’d overdressed Ethan. I was worried that they thought I’d underdressed Ethan. I was worried that they thought I looked tired. I was worried that they thought I was a rubbish mum.

Looking back on this day I realise that none of these worries were important. I didn’t slip in the snow. Ethan didn’t get sick from cold or hunger. I didn't make a fool of myself. I enjoyed the soup that the Café had in. Those mums weren’t thinking anything negative about me. They probably weren’t thinking about me at all.

One day, Ethan will see this photo. All he will see is that his mum took him out and we were happy.

Sometimes you need to see your life through the eyes of your child to understand what actually matters.

That’s the only opinion that matters.

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