Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Best Days

When you were a child at school, did adults ever tell you that your school days are the best days of your life? And did you really ever believe them?

If those school days were the best days of my life then I find that thought pretty depressing. Whoever originally said this must have very low hopes for their future. The problem that I find with this statement is the fact that you spend all of your school days planning for, and working towards your future. If your school days are your best days, what was the point in all that hard work? Why would anyone work hard towards a mediocre future that will never be better than the days you are currently living? Might as well just stay at school all your life.

The other thing that I don't think these adults would have realised is the possible implications of this statement if school leavers had believed it. Surely the suicide rate on the last day of school would be higher than that of Blue Monday.

Then there is school itself. Most of that time is spent in a classroom learning about things that you're not actually interested in and hoping that there won't be a test on it. For me, any time in the classroom was spent with my head down copying whatever was on the board and hoping to god that the teacher didn't ask me any questions.

I suppose the statement is aimed more towards a child's school friends and social life, which is probably true. These people get you through school and make it survivable. It doesn't matter which group you were in a school, you were always part of something and there was always somebody there for you. They helped you to forget the bad days and there was always plenty of drama. The people you meet at school make some amazing memories that you can always look back on.

Although these friends may have been great, I still do not agree with the statement 'school days are the best days of your life', because once school is over you have years to do whatever you want to do. Feel free to look back on your school days, but trust me when I say, it will get better than that!

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