Friday, 15 April 2011

The Rich and the Smart

I wish I were rich. Or at least smart enough to make myself rich.
I've never been money obsessed, always going for the cheapest option as I've never seen the point of paying more for what is essentially the same thing. Kellogs Rice Crispies or Asda's own brand? As long as they feed me then I'm happy. Why pay more to travel by a taxi than a bus when the end result is still the same?
But I have recently realised that if I want to do everything that I dream of doing, then I need to be rich!

If I ever won the lottery (and let's face it, its the only way I would ever be rich) I would travel. Anywhere and everywhere. And of course, my camera would come with me. There are all these different people and cultures out there and I think that it's true when people say that travel broadens the mind. With so much out there and so much to learn, how could anyone not want to go out and see it all?

(Marrakech, Morocco)

There is so much out there to see and capture that I often feel that Leeds just isn't enough. I want the world, and to get the world I need to be rich, or smart!

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